About Me

"I decided to work with glass (after trying other materials), because it allows me to see through its physical essence and perceive what lies beyond its texture, transparency and color, its SOUL! Each individual piece that I create is full of myself. There is nothing perfect in my work because perfection is not what I seek. Instead, I try to provoke beauty in the imperfect together with a definite result. The imperfection is part of the work done by hand, it is part of the path of my life. and the history of my work”

Claudia Henao

Claudia Henao is a glass, visual, and mixed media artist from Bogotá, Colombia currently based in Delray Beach, FL. Constantly seeking to add to her knowledge of glass techniques, she has taken an array of international workshops and seminars by recognized artists on Pâte-de Verre, Lampwork, Sandblasting, Fusing, Tiffany, Stained Glass Restoration, Image Transfer, Glass blowing, Kiln Casting, and Glass Sculptures. Commercial and collaborative projects have included custom art for the hospitality industry, stained glass restoration, and a series of handcrafted plates. Her work has been exhibited at The International Bienal of Bulgaria, International Biennale in Iberoamerica held in Costa Rica, at the online show at Contemporary Glass Society (UK) and also selected for the New Glass Review 42 by the Corning Museum of Glass. Henao’s art has also been featured by different pages on Instagram as Talking Out Your Glass (USA) Museo del Vidrio (Colombia) Museo del Oro (Colombia) at the 21st Century Glass: Conversations and Images / Glass Secessionism and the Glass Group, Contemporary Glass Art World on FB among others.